Pumpkin Crumb Cake: A Throwback

Hi everyone!  Starting today (!) I am going to use Thursdays to bring back some of my favorites from the archives from Lemon Sugar.  This Pumpkin Crumb Cake is still a favorite of ours, and I haven’t tweaked the recipe a bit.  Do yourself a favor and make this, STAT!  Enjoy! ♥

  Pumpkin Crumb Cake | www.lemon-sugar.com

So yeah, this is another pumpkin cake.  And yeah, I thought I had sworn off pumpkin recipes for at least a week or two, but as it turns out I was pretty much completely wrong.

Pumpkin does that to you.  It has magical powers.

Did you know I met someone last week who said they didn’t like pumpkin?  And I was like, “REALLY?!?!?”  And they were like, well, I’ve never really tried it.  And then I was like, “Oh.”  And then there was an awkward silence.

Ok, if you don’t like pumpkin, that’s totally fine. People think I’m weird because I don’t like seafood.  But don’t go around hatin’ on pumpkin when you haven’t even tried it.  (Lady at Starbucks, I’m talking to YOU.)…

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