Dark Chocolate Dipped Energy Bites

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It happens occasionally, that I’m going about my day, maybe enjoying a little energy bite out of my refrigerator when I’m like,  WAIT!  Why haven’t I shared these with you guys yet? I guess I get tunnel vision sometimes, always dreaming up the latest and greatest dessert idea that I guess I just overlook my everyday favorites.

This is totally an everyday favorite.

I’ve been making these energy bites for a couple of years now.  I’ve adapted the original recipe just a teensy-bit, but recently decided that I’d dip them in chocolate.  Good decision….

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A Fairy Party

Ready for a photo-heavy post?  'Cause that's what you're gonna get.  It's Fairy Party time! Last weekend, my daughter Mia turned six years old.  For those of you who have been Lemon Sugar ...

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