A Playroom Makeover: Part 3 – The Reveal!

Playroom Final

I can’t believe we are FINALLY done with the playroom!   It’s been months of work – squeezing in an hour or two here and there after work, a few hours on the weekends.   Yes, we could have paid someone to come in and just do it all for us, but we honestly do enjoy doing it ourselves – the end result always makes it worth it.  There’s really nothing better than that sense of accomplishment after finishing a big project.

If you want to catch up, go back and read part one and part two of the playroom series.

I have to take a second and give my husband JR a HUGE shout-out.  I love that he knows how to do all of this – and that he can turn my ideas into reality.  I don’t know how many times I’ve sent him a picture of something I like, and before I know it he’s built it!  Having a live-in electrician, plumber, carpenter and a builder has come in pretty handy.  (Notice I didn’t say painter…that’s all me.  He can’t be trusted with a paint brush. Ha!)…

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