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Hearts of Palm Street Tacos

Hearts of Palm Street Tacos |

So, guys.  Gals.  Friends.  We need to talk.

This taco is LIFE.  CHANGING.

I’m not one to be overly dramatic (haha…no, seriously) about food, but holy-fried-middle-of-a-palm-tree-leaf, this is a tasty, tasty taco.

Uh, yeah.  The guts of this taco are totally fried palm tree leaves.  Wikipedia says so.  Well, if we’re being technical, they’re actually the inner core of certain types of palm tree leaves, but either way, I had no idea that they were even a thing.  Especially an edible thing.

PS, they’re also called swamp cabbage, so do with that what you will.

I think I’ll fry ‘em up and eat ‘em in a corn tor-till-uh.

Life changing.  Not. Even. Kidding. [Read More...]

Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Cake

Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Cake |

Helloooooo!  Happy fall!

Ok, I know it’s not “technically” fall yet, but it was so beautifully autumn-like today that I think it’s time to take the leap.  It’s time to close up the pool, plant mums and start buying cans of pumpkin by the case.   I usually try to wait until after my birthday (in mid-September) before I whip out the pumpkin recipes, but the chill in the air this morning just put me in the mood!  This felt like a perfect transition recipe – quick, easy, and all of the flavors I love about the season in one place.

It’s pretty yum.

It’s also one of those dump-everything-in-a-bowl and mix recipes.  Sometimes, those are the best kinds.  Actually, who am I kidding?  Those are ALWAYS the best kinds.

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