Sausage & Egg Breakfast Casserole

February 4, 2014

Egg Crescent Casserole-0069

The list of things I’ve heard approximately nine billion times today includes:  ”I’m bored.  I’m hungry.  Can we have hot [...]

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Spiced Apple Coffee Cake

January 24, 2014

Apple Cake-0045

SERIOUSLY, what is with the ridiculous winter this year?  If I hear the term “Polar Vortex”  one more time, I [...]

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Biscuits and Gravy Casserole

December 22, 2013

Biscuits and Gravy Casserole-0347

My dear brother-in-law has been staying with us over the last week.  It’s awesome because of course I love it [...]

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One Hour Maple Pecan Cinnamon Rolls

December 21, 2013

Maple Pecan Cinnamon Rolls pm

This is officially the third time I’ve used my One Hour Cinnamon Roll Dough on the blog.  There was the [...]

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Caramel Bread Pudding with Creamy Caramel Sauce

October 14, 2013

Caramel Bread Pudding-0092

By now you know that I am a serious planner and organizer.  I plan all of my meals for the [...]

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Pumpkin Pound Cake

October 3, 2013

Pumpkin Pound Cake-0058

So, let me preface this by saying that I miss ya’ll!  Life has been insane around here lately, and I [...]

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Applesauce Doughnut Holes

September 25, 2013

Apple & Cinnamon Spice Doughnuts-0009

Ok, I promise I’ll get off the fall-flavor train soon. Yeah, not really.  I can’t promise that at all.  I [...]

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Cherry Chocolate Coconut Granola

September 22, 2013

Cherry Chocolate Granola-0015

Much to my kids’ dismay, we haven’t been down the cereal aisle at our grocery store for a long time. [...]

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Cherry Sweet Rolls

September 15, 2013

Cherry Sweet Rolls-0093

Ok, let me break this down for you. One-hour sweet roll dough. Sweet cherry filling.  Easy-peasy powdered sugar glaze.  Start [...]

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Mini Chocolate Chip Pancake Muffins

August 22, 2013

Mini Chocolate Chip Pancake Muffins-0022

Well, today I have a second grader.  And today, I am torn between being sad and being proud, wanting time [...]

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