Lemon Love

I spend a lot of time reading and exploring the foodie blogosphere – so much so that I discover a new site almost every day that goes onto my “must-read” list.  The sites on the list below are among my favorites and those that I consider exceptionally inspiring; the photography, the recipes or overall style.

I’ve also created a new list to link you to my Friends of Lemon Sugar series.  These are exceptional bloggers that I’ve invited to contribute to Lemon-Sugar.com.  I think you’ll find them as much fun to follow and read as I do.

My Blogroll:

{Pinch of Yum} – This is my latest favorite food blog.  They do it right.  They’ve taught me so much, and her food is amazeballs.

{David Lebovitz} – a great resource for cooks and bakers of all skill levels.  He’s a smart dude!

{Sweetapolita} – check out her amazing asparagus cake!  Unreal!

{The Comfort of Cooking} – this is my first blog check every morning.  I love her photography and her food.

{Annie’s Eats} – this blog started it all, and was the inspiration for lemon-sugar.com.  I’m not even sure how I found it, but it’s safe to say that Annie’s Eats has inspired more than half the recipes on my blog.

{The Art of Doing Stuff} – Karen is awesome.  She’s funny, smart, and knows a lot about a lot!  I spend time on her blog every day, and would highly recommend that you take a gander.  Go there!