Castello Moments: A Roundup of Recipes

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Last week I shared a recipe with you, for Cheesy Potato Gratin, made with Castello’s Hirten Cheese.  Many of my fellow bloggers also participated in this recipe development program, which was sponsored by Honest Cooking Magazine and Castello Cheese.  After browsing their submissions, I wanted to be sure to share them all with you as well, because these seriously talented cooks came up with some fabulous recipes.

Take a few minutes and check them out.  Hope you find yourself as inspired as I did – I’ve already pinned a bunch of them for future use.


Roundup 1-5

Above, from left to right:

An Edible Mosaic:  Savory Cheese Crackers
Girli Chef:  Cheese Tasting and Pairing
The Village Cook:  Spinach and Cheese Bake
Taste Food Blog:  Pappardelle with Pork Ragu
Foodie Fiasco:  Cauliflower Au Gratin

Roundup 6-10

Above, from left to right:

Fun and Food Cafe:  Cheese and Jam Cookies
Itsy Bitsy Foodies:  Three Cheese Flat Bread
Daring Gourmet:  German Picnic Salad
My Humble Kitchen:  Roasted Sausages and Summer Vegetables with Garden Fresh Pesto
The Roasted Root:  Wine and Cheese Pairing

Roundup 11-15

Above, from left to right:

Shared Appetite:  Four Creative Crostini Recipes
The Colors of Indian Cooking:  Cheese Ice Cream
The Colors of Indian Cooking:  Cheesefest
30a Eats:  Poached Salmon over Hirten Cheese Grits with Summer Succotash 
30a Eats:  Gulf Coast Shrimp Tacos

Roundup 16-20

Above, from left to right:

30a Eats:  Roasted Tomato Crostini
Cooking with Books:  Cheese Platter Perfection
Anecdotes and Apples:  Lemon Artichoke Pesto Pasta
Camille Becerra:  Chive Chili Cheese Souffle
Cooking in Westchester:  Broccoli and Red Onion Quesadillas

Roundup 21-25

Above, from left to right:

From Brazil to You:  Paignets
Homemade Delish:  Trip Alps Cheese Souffle
Fritos and Foie Gras:  Alpine Pizza
The B Critic:  The Gooey Affair
Blogging Over Thyme:  Triple Alps Cheese Goueres

Roundup 26-30

Above, from left to right:

29 Calories:  Baked Two Cheese Dhokla
Kitchenette Blog:  Beer and Cheese Pairing
Seaweed and Sassafras:  Braised Short Rib French Onion Sour
Chef Karolina:  Alpine Cheese and Caramelized Onion
Where and What in the World:  Wine Tasting

Roundup 31-34

Above, from left to right:

Where and What in the World:  Toas Tite Grilled Cheese
Where and What in the World:  Castello Chicken Couscous
Where and What in the World:  Truffle Mac and Cheese
Lizzy Pancakes:  Roasted Garlic, Beer and Cheese Dip

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