A Pantry Makeover Part 4: Glidden Paint



Several weeks ago, we took on the daunting task of updating and renovating our walk-in pantry.  When we built our house five years ago, pantry functionality and design was, unfortunately, not high on our priority list.  Given how frequently we use that little room, it’s really a shame we put it off so long. My friends over at Glidden® paint made the process so much easier.  After submitting a few of my inspiration photos to their online My Image Inspiration tool , I was actually able to narrow my colors down considerably.  It couldn’t have been easier!  I knew I wanted gray, but nothing too blue or too purple.  The perfect color needed to be dark enough to make my new shelving “pop,” but not so dark that it made the small space feel even smaller. To re-cap, here are my before images:

Glidden Pantry Remodel - Before | www.lemon-sugar.com

Now, this was an awesome pantry before, but something about it just felt a bit dingy to me.  I couldn’t move the shelves around, and the beige wall color did nothing for the feeling of cleanliness and crisp-organization that I was going for.  I’m a food blogger, I spend a LOT of time in my pantry – I needed it to be functional, and I wanted it to look good, too! After Glidden paint’s color tool helped me narrow down my color choices, we got started.  Now, I am not an expert painter by any means, but a quick review of the How-To section of Glidden.com helped me feel confident that I was following the proper steps for a great final result.  And I have to tell you, I couldn’t be more happy with our new pantry. The Color Palette tool managed to find the perfect shade of gray, the paint went on like a dream, and I finally have the fresh, simple-but-designed pantry look I was going for. Paint After I’m telling you guys, if I can do this, anyone can.  This isn’t like walking into the paint department and trying to pick out the perfect color from thousands of paint chips, under fluorescent lighting and buying seventeen samples before deciding on the perfect color.  Glidden paint’s My Image Inspiration tool makes it easy.  And who doesn’t need a bit more easy in their lives? Just look at my new pantry!  The new paint color (Granite Gray) makes such a dramatic difference, and it’s just exactly what I was dreaming about back when I was just saving my inspiration photos.  The fresh, new look makes me happy, and even tedious tasks like putting away groceries are suddenly just a bit more fun.

Pantry Makeover with Organized Living After-0066

 I hope my little pantry remodel has inspired you to freshen up some of the areas in your own home.  I was so afraid that I was going to choose the wrong color and be stuck with it, but the tools on Glidden paint’s website made the whole process easier for me.  Finally, be sure to visit the Glidden paint’s Pinterest Page as well for a great collection of inspirational images.  And make sure you check out the other posts in this series:  A Pantry Makeover, Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3.

Thanks for stopping by today, and thanks to Glidden paint for getting me going on this long-overdue pantry remodel!


This post is sponsored by Glidden paint, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  • susan1215

    I love the color you chose. I hope to paint my family room in the future. It’s white now and I’d love to add some color to the room.
    s2s2 at Comcast dot net

  • rachel

    I love that grey. I want to paint our garage walls. It’s dingy and would be so fresh with new paint!

  • Melissa Rieke

    Amazing Erin!! Looks fantastic!!! You amaze me all the time! :)

  • JessieC

    Love your new pantry setup, very organized.

  • JessieC


  • tina m

    Nice. i’d like to repaint the master bedroom

  • tina m
  • margaretsmith

    Love the color and the way it came out. I’d love to paint our familyroom.

  • margaretsmith
  • Lisa Brown

    The color chosen is perfect, great shade for that room. I really need to do my bathroom. It is a deep burnt orange and makes the room so dark. I did not paint it that color.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  • Lisa Brown

    tweet – https://twitter.com/LuLu_Brown24/status/373764344787398656
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  • cindymerrill

    I think you did a great job! I’d like to try some Glidden paint for my next makeover; the Screen porch, not sure what shade of paint to pick yet.

  • Kim Ripley

    That looks great… came out perfect!

  • cynthiac

    The results are very nice. I’d like to paint my bathroom.

  • cynthiac
  • mullin77

    It looks very nice . We need to paint our bathroom It really needs some work.
    Cathy Truman

  • Stephen

    I like eggshell

  • Peter G

    Very easy on the eyes and matches a lot of things. My kitchen needs some work and a good paint job is part of it.

  • Emily Morelli

    I love how fresh paint can make such a huge impact. I really need to paint the entryway of our house.

  • rosannepm

    I’d like to redo my Master Bath

  • rosannepm
  • Tamar

    I’d like to paint the bathroom.


  • http://twitter.com/Kellydinpa kelly

    I would like to paint our computer room, but we have not decided on the color yet. I love the color you used in your pantry.

  • http://twitter.com/Kellydinpa kelly
  • Anastasia

    Your paint makeover looks great!! :) I’d love to do my bathroom, but I have the same fear of being stuck with the color! Now it looks like I don’t have to be afraid :)

  • Anastasia
  • Becky Richied

    Your pantry update looks awesome!!! Next I am looking to doing our Garage also and organize it as well, a big feat!!

  • Becky Richied
  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sarah-Hirsch/628616686 Sarah Hirsch

    i like your pantry remodel. i’d love to paint my hallway walls again…too many dirty kid fingers have left smudges

  • ehatch

    I love your pantry…beautiful. I really want to paint my master bedroom next. Thanks for sharing Glidden’s paint tool and for the inspiration.

  • ehatch
  • Michelle M Weaver

    Love that! I want my husband to make one just like it:-)

  • jlafount

    I would love to do over the whole house but the bedrooms really need it

  • Joni Dolniak

    I just redid my living room and kitchen. I got my idea from Billy and Victoria’s home on the Young and the Restless.

    dolniaks at consolidated dot net

  • Joni Dolniak
  • http://pregnantkatiesmom.blogspot.com/ Susan C

    I am inspired by your pantry! I am not fortunate enough to have a pantry, but I would like to do something to my boring living room walls.

  • Allie

    I get inspiration from fabric designs.

  • rparis
  • rparis

    i need to paint my bedroom and love the color

  • Maria Iemma

    I need to paint my guest room before the Christmas Holidays! Need a nice soothing color and I love the colors.

  • Maria Iemma

    I twitted @sufferngal

    here is the link: https://twitter.com/sufferngal/status/376069035055542272

  • Stephanie Baldwin Foster

    Within the last year, we have repainted nearly every room in the house…except the master bedroom because we could not decide (or agree) on a color that we would both want to live with every single day. I change my bedspread often, so I am afraid of picking a wall color that would limit my options for bedspreads. Basically, I am too indecisive and I don’t know if I will ever settle on a color…so either my walls will remain white, or I will begin changing the wall color as often as I change my bedspread.

  • Madeline

    What inspired my last project was an all-over scroll stencil I saw online that looked so classy. I bought it and created a wallpaper look in our bathroom using paint. I also get inspired by magazine articles.

    madelinebrubaker {at} gmail [dot] com

  • Madeline
  • Emily

    I want to paint my son’s bedroom gray with a green stripe next.

  • Easy2Save Blog

    I would like to paint our kitchen and bathrooms a nice warm color.

  • Stephanie Larison

    I’d like to get our living room painted in a welcoming bright color. It’s so brown and ugly right now, lol.

  • Tammi Velez

    I think you chose a fantastic color. I’m a blue/gray girl myself.

    I haven’t painted a single room since we moved in. I’m living with the ivory color the builder used, which is fine as walls go, but also the worst for getting marks. And no single thing you get on these walls can be cleaned off. Every time someone looks at the wall it needs touch up paint.

    I want to paint the master bedroom and bathroom. The closet? Not so much. I dread removing everything and putting it all back. And my closet is pretty organized. I can feel my heart beating harder just thinking about lugging all those heavy clothes in and out of the closet.

  • Denise S

    I want to paint my boy’s bedroom a new shade of blue.
    lazybones344 at gmail dot com

  • Anna Pry

    my kitchen looks so awful its hard to choose where to start or what color to use pryfamily5@gmail.com

  • Anna Pry
  • Elizabeth

    I love what you have done with your pantry! I think the pantry is the heart of my kitchen.

    I would really like to repaint my bedroom. It is a bit pale and ordinary.

  • Elizabeth
  • susan1215
  • D Schmidt

    I would love to paint my downstairs bathroom, the previous owners painted it yellow. I am just struggling to decide what color because my Husband and I have very different ideas, I prefer pastels and he likes black!


  • D Schmidt
  • Kerry

    Looks great! I’d love to update the paint in our bathroom.

  • Angela Yer
  • Angela Yer

    I have been wanting to paint my kitchen a cream color.

  • Harmony B

    My living room really needs paint, Im just not sure what I want

  • Harmony B
  • msrodeobrat

    I would love to repaint my guest bathroom

  • mickeyfan

    We just redid our downstairs, so next up is the upstairs bath and spare bedroom.

  • steff

    id love to paint our kitchen!

  • steff
  • http://www.busyworkingmama.com/ BusyWorkingMama

    Great job on the pantry! That is one glorious looking room. I bet you’ll enjoy stocking it! My pantry could use a spruce up coat of paint, too!

  • nicolegreene

    I’d love to paint my daughter’s room!

  • nicolegreene
  • Amanda E.

    I’d love to paint over the teal in the living room, but alas I live in a rental.

  • dianebaum

    I would love to paint my kitchen.

  • Lara Thoms

    I would like to paint my living room!

  • bellows22

    i need to remove some old wallpaper and paint my kitchen

    debbiebellows (at) gmail (dot) com

  • tinareynolds

    Wow that turned out amazing. I want to do my youngest son’s bedroom it need new paint bad it has old wallpaper right now.

  • tinareynolds
  • jennifer

    I would love to paint our living room a chocolate brown!

  • Melinda

    I’d like to repaint the guest bedroom it’s basically white….and boring. I’m a color person, so this white has GOT TO GO!

  • Melinda
  • Lisa V.

    I have two big dogs who drool, shake their heads and splatter everywhere. Every room could use new paint

  • Betty Curran

    I need to make a big change in my living room. It is incredibly boring, or maybe I’m just tired of it.

    willitara [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Kyhere Here

    Ours is easier because we have a Victorian. We saw a similar house
    with warmer less ‘museum-esque’ colors and copied accordingly.

    ky2here at msn dot com

  • Kyhere Here
  • maria cantu

    My kitchen needs a new coat of paint at the least.
    MCantu1019 at aol dot com

  • godan2

    want to repaint the bedroom

  • Jennette Bridenbaugh

    My last project was painting my son’s bedroom orange with stripes because that is his favorite color.

  • Alicia Bridenbaugh
  • Kimberly Deallovingrandma Stcl

    I need to paint my living room!! ky_grandma40@yahoo.com

  • Jennifer

    I need to paint kitchen

  • meredith

    I really want to repaint my bedroom

  • meredith
  • mariem howard

    i want to repaint my kitchen!! your pantry is perfection!

  • Bruce Vrana

    Family room needs to be painted

  • Sky Kory
  • Steve

    Getting ready to paint the master bedroom.

  • Ellie W

    I would like to paint my bedroom. It’s all white and has not been repainted since we first moved in 21 years ago. A touch of color would really bring it to life.

  • Ellie W
  • AmandaSakovitz

    Id love to paint my bedroom

    pokergrl8 at gmail.com

  • AmandaSakovitz
  • AngelaLilly

    I do not see an actual sweepstakes prompt anywhere on your post, so I will just comment on the post itself. I hope this is OK! I would KILL to have your pantry! LOL THAT is GIANT!!! Love it! My pantry is only a free-standing cabinet! LOL I would love to paint my kitchen though! It is in dire need of an update! Thanks for the chance to win!

    14earth at gmail dot com

  • mckenziesmommy

    Kitchen needs to be painted, badly

  • Tabathia

    I would love to repaint my living room and make it more bright

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  • Tabathia
  • Mihaela D.

    I need to paint my baby’s girl new room :)

  • Thomas Murphy

    I would like to paint my bathroom.

    rounder9834 @yahoo.com

  • Thomas Murphy
  • AmandaSakovitz

    I would repaint my bathroom!
    pokergrl8 at gmail.com

  • AmandaSakovitz
  • Cody Anderson

    Like others below, I do not see a sweepstakes prompt above, so I will tell you that I would like to paint my living room.

  • Carmen N

    I’m in love with those jars you have in your pantry (if you’re willing to share where you got them)! I had to go back and read your other posts to see where it started out – beautiful update! I plan to paint my dining room next.

  • Francine Anchondo

    i would paint my bedroom.

  • Christian Alejandro

    Love the way it turned out! I need to get our living room a makeover. lexbaylor17 at gmail.

  • Christian Alejandro
  • Shea Balentine

    My current project is the master bathroom.. =)


  • ccrepressie

    My son’s bedroom.

  • RustysR

    I’d like to paint the kitchen and “freshen” it up.

  • Whitney

    I really need to paint my kitchen next!

  • Whitney
  • Kelly Greenwood

    I’d love to paint my bedroom.

  • Pam Hoffman

    I used my twitter @pamhoffca to tweet: https://twitter.com/pamhoffca/status/384886043410837505
    Love the Pantry makeover!! Just wish I had a pantry that size to renovate!! :)